GetHomeSafe Corporate

Has something gone wrong?

With proactive safety timers GetHomeSafe will call for help — when your staff can't.

Got a team on the move?

With cloud-based location sharing, they're on site — not out-of-sight.

Who's going to be late in tonight?

With SMS alerts you won't be left in the dark — even if your staff are.

GetHomeSafe Personal

Going off the beaten track?

With optional location sharing you can push the envelope — without pushing your luck.

Leaving the party at 2am?

With SMS and email alerts, your loved ones won't be in the dark — even if you are.

Got a family on the move?

With cloud-based location sharing, they're living life, — not out-of-sight.

Your guardian angel in the cloud.
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Get Home Safe provides welcome reassurance during any activity where you feel vulnerable about your personal safety

Whether it’s an afternoon working alone, traveling from here to there or even your daily exercise, simply register what your plans are and GetHomeSafe will check up on you throughout your chosen activity, to make sure you get home safe!

For everything from daily life to wilderness adventures or working alone, with GetHomeSafe watching over you, you and your loved ones don't need to worry.

GetHomeSafe - the mobile
app that calls for help
when you need it most.

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Latest News

GetHomeSafe vs the humble Text Message

We hear of so many Lone Worker or Journey Management policies requiring people working or traveling alone to text in to confirm they are Home Safe that we thought a head to head comparison with GHS is...Read more...

Your intended destination, GPS tracking, remaining battery life and an interactive map are all included in alerts to give your emergency contacts a head start.