Feature Update: Duress now Silent alert, content changes and click to call

Some new features went live today, including a refresh of the content in alert emails and text messages.

The new content better reflects who the alerts relate to, what type of alert it is and what actions (or lack of) triggered it.

These new alerts allow for better integration with monitoring software the automatically generates tickets from emails.

Other new features include renaming our Duress Alert to Silent Alert.  It is exactly the same configuration and triggers for the new Silent Alert as it was for the Duress Alert, is has simply been renamed to be better reflect what it is and differentiate it from the Panic Alerts.

The web portal and summary URL pages now have click to call enabled, meaning you can launch a phone call by clicking any displayed phone number. Similar you can send an email by clicking any displayed email address. 

Any questions or for more information please contact your account manager or support@gethomesafe.com