First international client in our first week

Without a brass band or firework insight GetHomeSafe - Corporate went live on the 14th September 2015.  Two weeks later and we have signed up a diverse range of clients, including our first international client.

Our original safety app GetHomeSafe - Personal solved a very real problem in ensuring something meaningful actually happens if you don’t get home safely as planned.

It was pitched at being able to be used for virtually anything; so it has been a surprise what it actually gets used for. Everything from walking home to going on a date, but without questions our biggest regular users use it for work.

Proving as popular as ever it continues to be downloaded with increasing frequency, we now total over 34,000 and counting fast. 

Building extensively on our original safety app GetHomeSafe - Personal we have created a very unique and affordable guardian angel solution for any work force on the move with our new product GetHomeSafe - Corporate.

Our new product takes what we offered originally and taken it to the next level to allow companies to customize it specifically for their own needs.

We have automated the process of checking staff are OK, we can check a social worker safely completes a 20min home call just as easily as we can check an environmental monitor returns safely from a whole day in the field.

Similarly we can check a health worker is OK every 30minutes just as easily as checking a utility worker is OK every 2 hours.

We can create a task list two items long or 40 items longs.  We can categories tasks based on risk factors or not at all.  You can add job numbers or client references or nothing at all.

We can also send alerts to just two people in a company as easily as we can split a company into eight teams and have alerts going to seventeen different people depending on who is overdue.

This flexibility in how GHS - Corporate can solve different safety requirements for different companies is reflected in the diversity of our first clients. A local council, a stone masonry outfit, a property management firm, a surveying consultancy and conservation charity.

We are extremely excited about the next few months and building our client portfolio, and most importantly making sure as many people as possible get home safely.