Great feedback from a loyal user

We often receive feed back and suggestions from users. This one from Andrew, a keen cyclist is worth sharing.

Hi Boyd, Just wanted to congratulate you on the app. I've been using it for 6 months or so and I think it's clearly been well designed by people who actually understand what is useful in this field. I often go bike riding by myself and tend to vary my route depending on my mood. I'm not far from civilisation usually but it might be hours or even days before someone would stumble across me so it's great to have the extra security of my wife being able to at least see the approximate location of where I am. I think it's also good because she can see how long before I get back for lunch also! It doesn't seem to affect battery life too much either. Well done, it deserves to be successful ( assuming you aren't doing something evil with all that tracking data your are collecting about me). Andrew

Hi Andrew, Thank you for your feed back and kind words. We put a lot of time into designing a user friendly product and are very glad you and your wife find it of use in many ways! You can rest assured we don't do anything evil with your data or anyone's data for that matter. Our business model is for the personal safety app you use to simply be a free promotional product for the GetHomeSafe brand and feed interest to our other more comprehensive corporate safety products. We follow industry best practices to keep all data secure.Many thanks again, please feel free to let us know of any features or improvements you think would be useful.Best regards, Boyd

Hi Boyd,I genuinely think it is a great app that just gives you a bit more piece of mind when you are getting out and enjoying the outdoors and a PLB is overkill, as long as you work within the limitations that it needs mobile coverage. To be honest I had been looking for this type of app for a while surprised that someone hadnt already done it and it was a significant factor in me choosing my mobile phone OS when my last phone died (I get a windows phone from work for free...). There really isnt much I dont like about it. I do like how you can choose whether to share updates continuously or only after your expected activity duration is expired and that you can save an activity as otherwise it takes a few screens to setup each time which is a bit of a faff. Perhaps an option to change the frequency of automatic location updates to save on battery life a bit but this hasnt really been an issue in my usage.

If you would like to share your thoughts with us please contact us or if you would like to share your thoughts with the world please place a review in iTunes or Google Play. Regards Andrew