New Android app features

Further to our commitment to provide quality designed and developed safety apps we are please to announce our latest version of our Android lone worker safety app is live and ready on Google Play.

We are always working on improving our apps and don’t often make a song and dance about updates, but this one is worth mentioning. In brief:

  • Now super quick and logical to log a favourite task
  • Improvement in GPS tracking
  • Major improvement in reducing battery drain
  • Ongoing support of older Android phones

We have made a couple of minor design changes that greatly improve the speed and intuitivist of saving and selecting a favourite task. The intention was to make longing a task or journey you do often via the app quicker than you can write it on the whiteboard or send a text!

That is right, we have made it quicker to log a favourite GHS task than it is to send a text!

Another exciting improvement we have made has been the improvement of both the GPS tracking and battery drain.

We have added a few smart lines of code to switch of the GPS when you are stationary, the battery savings of this have been huge.

It has also reduced the amount of GPS wandering when stationary.

We continue to support Android OS 4.0 and newer, this latest build of our safety app should enable a more stable experience for some users on older phones, Samsung Galaxy 3 and a likes. It should also help reduce the battery drain of older phones.

There are plenty more developments in the pipeline, if you have a pet hate or clever feature you want addressed please contact us!