Update for Android Corporate Safety App

Android Corporate Safety App update now live

A new update for our Android Corporate Safety App is now live and should improve the user experience greatly.

This update focused on fixing the small things you wanted improved.

The main feature you will notice is the reminders to check-in have been improved, including banner notifications and activation of the notification lights.  This should see a reduction in users not checking in as planned.

There have also been some improvements made around how the app performs when in low coverage and poor GPS signal, with the additional options to start, check-in and end a task when the location is outside our accuracy limits, which was a common problem when inside large buildings.

We have also improved the battery performance of the app by removing the feature that kept the screen on and making some background tweaks to the code. 

There are many more improvement of the way this year, so watch this space.

If there is something you would like improved or added, please let us know by contacting the support team.