New Feature Updates

Over the coming weeks we are rolling out a significant package of improvements.


Change Log

Top right of your web portal now contains a change log, listing all the system improvement that are happening, both small and large.

It is a hand reference for those charged with keeping standard procedures and training material up to date.

Stage two of this development will be an active notification system warning you when we make changes.


Low battery & Not Syncing 

Two new task "status's" will allow dispatch operators a heads up of a pending false alert, long before it happens.

Via the User Profile, you can not set a warning to yourself and your supervisors/monitoring station if your device is running low on battery or has stopped syncing with the server. 

These warning are a "sub status" and overridden by all alert status's.  

These new features all designed for a better user experience and to minimise the root cause of many false alerts triggered during automated lone worker monitoring.


New Support Log Records

We have added a heap of background tracking to allow Enterprise Admin and Get Home Safe support to better support users.

The improvements also include more privacy and access audit logging.


For more information on any of these features or a suggestion of your own, please contact your account manager or support.