Team Settings page now live

New Team Settings features

We are pleased to announce to our GetHomeSafe - Corporate clients the arrival of a new Teams Setting page as the replacement of our currently escalation alert process.

Old Features Deactivated

Previously if an alert was not followed up by a team leader (by hitting the I am following up button on their dashboard) within 30 minutes the alert was sent to all the account administrators.

This has not been an optimum solution for some larger clients using the system across multiple departments as the escalation process was sending alerts to admin users in different departments.

This feature has now been fully decommissioned and replaced with the options in the new Team Settings page.

Action Required

While there is no action required on your behalf, you are advised to login into your admin portal and check the set up of each team is how you would like. Please contact if you need assistance.

Please note this new feature is including in your current billing agreement and will not result in any changes to your billing.

If you would like to activate Automated Phone call alerts, please contact your account manager and this will be arranged. Additional charges apply.

New Team Settings Tab

Based on user feed back and interest from potential clients we have developed the ability for all organisations to customise the alerting and notification process on a team by team basis.

Login to your web portal and have a look at all the new options in the Teams Tab! You can now assign who will receive escalation alerts and what type of alerts each team leader will receive.  You can also customise some optional email notifications for things like Home Safe confirmations.

We love to hear ideas or features people would like added, so if you have a bright idea or an improvement in mind get in touch and let us know!