New Feature - Online Safety Documents

For our Corporate Safety and Enterprise clients; online storage and viewing of your safety documentation is now live and is included for free in your subscription

Within your web portal you can now upload and store all of your internal safety documents for quick access at work, on the move, in the field or from the comfort of you home after-hours.

It is anticipated people will find the Safety Documents page useful to upload:

  • Working alone or journey management policies
  • Standard procedures for following up on overdue employees
  • Emergency contact details for next of kin and emergency services
  • Generic rick assessment or job hazard assessment templates,
  • Completed job hazard assessments
  • Training material, induction material and competency matrices
  • Any other useful safety documents that are handy to have online.

These items could be super useful for supervisors working after-hours or working from home who need to reference a document or for staff needing to refresh their memory on a policy or standard procedure while on the go.

There is no limit to how many documents you can upload, just whatever works for your requirements. Similarly, there is no requirement to upload any, the Get Home Safe system will work just fine without any.

If you have any ideas about how having your own documents stored in the web portal might work for you, or an improvement or something clever we can add please let us know by contacting us here.