Our Android Lone Worker safety app now out

After much hard work under the hood our Android Lone Worker safety app is up and running and ready for public use!

You can download it here.

We are extremely excited about the launch of the Android version, it seems a lot of companies have at least some Android phones in circulation.  The price and performance of Android seem very attractive to a lot of companies.  We look forward to bringing onboard all the firms that were waiting for this!  

There are a few differences you will notice from our Android Personal Safety app to the Lone Worker version.  Mainly the use of 'Contacts' has been replaced by 'Supervisors'.  Supervisors are set by your company's account administrator, within the app you can review who they are but you can not change them.  We have removed the 'Contact' selector from the main landing screen and replaced this with a Job Number input field.

We are committed to bringing you the best possible safety apps, if you have any improvements or new features you want add please let us know.