Phone Call Alerts now live!

One of our most requested features is now live!  You told us and we have listened to you; now you get to listen to us when our system actually phones to say that something has not gone as planned with one of your team.


We have had a lot of interest from Supervisors of Night Shift teams wanting a simple and affordable means of staff confirming they are Okay okay at set times during their night shift and they wanted an alert that would actually wake them up!


Our automated phone call alerts are the perfect fit for not only Night Shift supervisors, but any supervisor who needs a little bit more prompting for alerting.


Phone call alerts can now be activated on request for your Corporate account. and naturally aAdditional billing applies.


With the clutter of email and notification on smart phones these days nothing beats the attention grabbing nature of a phone call.  So with automated phone call alertss we now have a more certain ability to actually contact you and tell you something is up when one of your employees staffers does not check-in as planned.


The Phone Call Alerts for supervisors are made when someone doesn’t check in as planned during their shift, doesn’t return to the office as scheduled, activates a Panic Alert or enters their Duress PIN.


The alerts are also part of our existing escalation process, so if a supervisor does not respond to the alert via their web portal they are phoned again at plus 15 minutes and then after 30 minutes the account admin staff are alerted.


For those of you already using our service, the phone call alerts will be activated at the same stages of the alerting process as SMS alerts.


This exciting new features means your GetHomeSafe alerts can now be directed to call centres, pagers and land lines; but unfortunately not fax machines.


Phone call alerts will be an charged additional charge to your monthly GetHomeSafe – Corporate account, starting from $19 a month.


If you would like to trial thisese premium product please contact us and we can activate it for you.


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