PIN Protection now optional

With our latest update of our Android and iOS Corporate Safety Apps we are pleased to announce PIN protection is now optional.

Users with existing accounts can disable PIN protection via the Settings Tab of your Corporate Safety app. 

When GetHomeSafe was first designed back in early 2012 we had grand plans of millions of people around the world using the GetHomeSafe system to confirm they were ok as they walked home after dark.

As GetHomeSafe has developed over the past five years and our service has expanded from Personal Safety into Lone Worker and Journey Management safety monitoring it has become apparent that the PIN protection is only needed by a very small group of people and it is nuisance for most, especially those using it everyday.

Part of designing a fail-safe system for monitoring such a large number of people was the requirement for the automated system to be certain it was actually the person confirming they were ok and that they were not doing against their will. The easiest way of achieving this was by Personal Identification Number protecting the app while a task is running, with a normal access PIN and a silent alert Duress PIN to raise the alert if a user is forced against their will to cancel the app.

For those still wishing to use PIN protection you can select this option via the settings tab of the app. You can also reset your PINs there as well, if you have forgotten them.

This will be rolled out to our Android and iOS Personal Safety apps over the next month or so.

If there are any features you would like improved or added please let us know, we are always happy to help out where we can.