The dreaded unanswered phone call

In everyday life we set little safety timers for our own peace of mind and for those who care about us.  Simple things like saying “I will be there by 7pm, I will call you to let you know I have arrived safely” are part of everyday life. 

It is pretty quick and easy to do and generally if the risk is worth it we will let someone know what we are doing and include a safety time.  In this day and age we have become extremely reliant on the instant communication cell phones have created.  The flip side of this is we become extremely uncomfortable when this instant communication doesn’t exist, the dreaded unanswered phone call…

If you combine all these factors into a situation where you set a safety time, but then don’t answering your phone, it very quickly becomes a very uncomfortable situation.  Someone has been forced to deal with a black hole of information about what has happened to you. 

There is a nice pie chart below (that should be credited to the meme gods of the internet rather than science) that more or less demonstrates this exact scenario nicely. 

ResizedImage291189 photo 1

This anxiety of the unanswered phone call had a lot to do with the creation of GetHomeSafe.  We saw that there is a real need in a safety situation for people to know what is going on and that an unanswered phone is no way of finding out. 

Sure the Police and emergency services have the tools to search phone records and track down the last cell tower a missing person’s phone connected to or where they last used their bank card.  But for a situation to go from an unanswered phone call to the Police getting involved is a major escalation in the seriousness (and stressfulness) of the situation.  It also takes time, time you might not have.

There are huge number of reasons why someone won’t be able to make a call to check in safely and two of the big ones will be a flat battery and simply forgetting (and having the phone on silent).  We identified these two and a whole lot more during the creation of GetHomeSafe and spent a lot of time and effort into eliminating the anxiety of an unanswered phone call.

Even if your phone has died or is at the bottom of a lake we can fit into a GetHomeSafe alert your start point, your intended destination (if given), what you were doing, a predication of your cell coverage, your GPS tracking and most importantly the amount of battery your phone had left when it sent it’s last signal. From all this information those who care about you will be left with a whole lot more than just an unanswered phone when decided what to when you don’t check in, and that is a very good thing.

If you are going to go to the lengths of setting a safety time with someone you know and trust for whatever it is you do in life, please don’t rely on a phone call to check back in, use GetHomeSafe and worry less about the unanswered phone call.

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