Things are heating up at GHS HQ

Well well well, Summer is here and things are really starting to heat up at the GetHomeSafe Global HQ!

Our personal safety app has just charged on past 40k downloads and the testing of our lone worker safety solution GetHomeSafe – Corporate is drawing to a close. 

We brought on-board several firms from Australia and New Zealand to trial GetHomeSafe – Corporate and recieved a whole lot of useful feedback in the process.   

One critical new feature that has come out of the testing is our new escalation process.  Supervisors now have to acknowledge they have received the overdue employee alerts via their dashboards.  If an alert goes unattended it will now be escalated to senior management. 

Now confident that we have a truly fail-safe system that even the most risk averse organisations are embracing,  we are looking forward to taking it to the world when our Android version of GetHomeSafe - Corporate is completed in the coming weeks.  Occupational Health and Safety has been waiting for this!

Progress is being made with the guys at Tussock Innovation giving the Android version of GHS a good tune-up and refresh. 

We have plenty of exciting new features in the pipe line for next year for both our safety apps and our supervisors’ real time dashboard. 

Look out 2016 is all we can say!