Coming Soon - Bluetooth Panic Buttons

We are very pleased to announce we will shortly offer a Bluetooth connected Panic Button to complement our Lone Worker Safety App.

While there are lots of panic buttons we could have used, we have chosen V BTTN by, a proven and reliable button that integrates seamlessly with both our Android and iPhone safety apps.

A key aspect of the V BTTN panic button that appealed to us is the similarities with the values Get Home Safe hold, especially when it comes to price.

At Get Home Safe, we strongly believe safety is a human right and price should not be a barrier to decisions regarding safety of employees working along and the wider community in general and it is fair to say the V BTTN panic button fully aligns with this!

Get Home Safe will supply the buttons and accessories at a very competitive rate and can be included in your monthly bill alongside your software subscription. 

Use of the panic button will always remain optional, and the existing panic and duress features of the app will work as normal even if no button is connected. 

To use the buttons, employees pair the button with their mobile device through a simple two-step process within the app. 

Once paired, employees are then prompted each time they use the Get Home Safe app if they wish to use the button as well.  By selecting Yes the phone connects via Bluetooth to the Panic button.

Employees keep the button on hand and can activate the panic alert within Get Home Safe by simply pressing the button, meaning they can raise a panic alert without touching (or unlocking) their phone, saving precious time in quickly evolving situations!

Panic alerts activated by the button follow the same alerting and escalation process as configured in your Get Home Safe web portal.

Beta testing and pilot trials are well underway, and the Android version will be ready for public use within the next month, iOS to follow shortly thereafter.

Stage two of this project will see Get Home Safe make use of the “man-down” features of the V BTTN, so watch this space!

For more information please contact us.