Vehicle tracking vs a lone worker safety app

Are you weighing up the options of vehicle tracking vs a lone worker safety app for your Journey Management?  It may surprise you how many companies use both. Why you ask? 

It is simple, when it comes to safety monitoring for your team you need to know the location of both your staff and their vehicles. 

Picture this, one of your team is working alone for a whole a day of visiting various clients & sites, a 300km round trip and a big day. 

At 5.15pm you get a text saying they have not checked in as planned, you open the message, zoom in on their location, it shows they are at a hospital, have been since 4.55pm. Naturally you phone your staffer, no response.  You phone the hospital, they can’t tell you if your staffer is there or not.

You log into your vehicle tracker dashboard, the vehicle is showing as being stationary on the side of the road for the past 55 minutes, some 15km from the hospital.  You check the safety app tracking map again, sure enough, they were stationary at the vehicle location for 30mins, then appear to have traveled to the hospital. 

You phone the hospital back, explain you believe there has been a car crash and your employee arrived at hospital at 4.55pm.  They confirm someone recently arrived from a motor vehicle accident and are receiving treatment. You then activate your emergency response plan, phone their next of kin and head off to the hospital.

Without both vehicle tracking and the safety app working in tandem the full picture would not have been at your finger tips.

How likely is that to play out?  Well, more or less this is exactly what recently played out for one of our GetHomeSafe – Corporate clients who are now singing the praises of using both vehicle tracking and a safety app.

Around 50% of our corporate clients have both vehicle tracking and log their task/journey management plans via our safety apps.

The Vehicle trackers provide a 24/7 location of the vehicle and the GHS apps provide task details, welfare check-ins and location of staff away from their vehicles. 

Very few of our clients use GHS as a cheap alternative to vehicle tracking.