Visions and Values

We have been busy working on making GetHomeSafe better, part of that has been writing down what is important to us, so we thought we would share it with you! 

We don’t make safety apps because we think it will make us rich.  We don’t make free safety apps because we want your personal details to flog off to some marketers for the high bid.  We don’t make safety apps so we can keep an eye you like a big brother.

We make safety apps because we believe the world needs a better way of looking after each other.

Get Home Safe was founded in April 2012 on the idea that even if you follow the best practice of letting someone know what you are doing you can still end up on the wrong side of living; and to be honest that is really shit.

We want to take safety from being something boring but necessary and turn it into a beautiful service that everyday people will understand and enjoy using regularly.

We believe societies current ways and habits of letting each other know what we are doing are fundamentally flawred and can be vastly improved.

We believe in challenging the status quo.

We believe in making the world feel like a much safer place: not by actually reducing crime and misfortune and wrapping everything in bubble wrap, but by allowing our users the peace of mind of knowing something is watching over them.

We believe in providing beautifully designed and quality software that both users and their contacts will love to use. 

We believe in conducting business as a Guardian Angel and never ever absolutely not as a big brother.

We believe free is good, but we are not a charity. 

We believe we have created something awesome and you should not only try it, but share with your circles of family and friends the concept of Get Home Safe.