Working Alone From Home – Health & Safety Thoughts

I’m not sure how everyone else is coping but it’s a topsy turvy week! Moving computers possibly desks and chairs, making sure internet connections are working and while still trying to keep up with the daily demands of customers and work in general.

All set up, the next challenge is trying to balance family time, fur baby time, family noise and finding a suitable backdrop for endless video calls.

My week has been trying not to look at the housework, half finished DIY projects and trying to work from the spare bedroom with two dogs that think because mum’s at home its walking time, all the time!

I keep saying to myself concentrate and get into a rhythm, but then something else happens that’s non work related. God forbid we run out of coffee!

Anxiety caused by change is a health and safety risk not to be over looked, especially during these times.

Remember all our worlds are colliding into one – home/family/work/exercise/space.

We need to take care of ourselves first before we can perform well in a new work environment.

The expectations we put on ourselves is usually a lot higher than what our managers set for us. 

So, don’t forget to take a breath, take regular breaks and make time for each other to check in as OK, especially if team members are working alone.