Our Products

Our products are simply a smarter way of sharing what you are doing with the reassurance of a fail-safe alerting system to raise an alarm if your task, travel or activity does not go as planned.

We have two products, our premium cloud-based safety solution GetHomeSafe Corporate and our free stand-alone safety app GetHomeSafe Personal.

GetHomeSafe – Corporate

GetHomeSafe – Corporate is a cloud based safety solution designed for monitoring the safety of your staff when working alone or remotely.

It is comprised of two parts; firstly there is our Corporate Safety App for logging tasks or travel plans and secondly there is a web portal for real time situational awareness, reviewing tracking logs, managing your account, acknowledging alerts and downloading data etc.

Check out Corporate - How it Works for more detail

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GetHomeSafe - Personal

The Get Home Safe Personal Safety app is designed as a stand alone system, where anybody can sign up and use it for free for unlimited personal use!

We don’t charge for it as we want to make the world a safer place (true story) and we believe it is an awesome thing to offer for free and we encourage you to use it as often as you like. It is designed for personal use; as a tool for individuals to track bike rides, bush walks, long drives or meeting someone and the likes.

While you can use it for work; where the Personal app has a weakness is when it is used by lots of people within the same organisation. As all the communication is email based (there is no fancy pants web portal like our Corporate solution) the information becomes overwhelming and unusable; which is where Get Home Safe – Corporate comes into it’s own

Check out Personal for more details

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Corporate vs Personal

Features/FunctionalityPersonalPersonal +Corporate
Price Free $US 0.20 per SMS Prepaid via in-app purchase Subscription $NZ 5.00 per user per month
Live GPS tracking Optional, via email only Optional, via email or SMS Compulsory via the Dashboard
Fail safe alerting Via email only Via email and SMS Via email and SMS
iPhone App GetHomeSafe – Personal Free from the App Store GetHomeSafe - Corporate Free from the App Store
Android App GetHomeSafe – Personal Free from Google Play GetHomeSafe - Corporate Free from Google Play
Real time team view N/A Via your dashboard
Downloading data N/A Via your dashboard
Acknowledging alerts received N/A Via your dashboard
Follow up and Escalation alerting N/A Extra alerts to team leaders at +15minutes and to all admin users at +30minutes
Recording follow up actions N/A Via your dashboard*
Reviewing job numbers N/A Review and download via the dashboard
Reviewing historical tracks Via your completion emails Via your dashboard
Emergency contacts Selected via the app Set via the dashboard
Activity/Task list Set By GetHomeSafe Controlled via your dashboard
Add notes to your time line Via the check in feature in the app
Favourite tasks Set via the app

*coming soon