Our Story

In 2012, Kiwi entrepreneur Boyd Peacock founded GetHomeSafe Limited in the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown. Boyd grew up in the Fiordland region of New Zealand, one of the most remote places on earth where staying safe depended on getting help from others. Boyd worked for extended periods of time in remote regions such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand as a land surveyor. Boyd would often work alone or in isolation, relying heavily on clunky & unreliable systems of checking in to confirm he was ok.  

Boyd quickly saw the potential of smartphones to revolutionise personal safety. From the wilderness to everyday life, and especially for working alone. This vision of revolutionising safety is now a reality in the GetHomeSafe’s - Personal Safety app which provides a free welfare monitoring service to the general public for personal and recreational use.

After shooting straight to number one on the New Zealand App Store Charts on its launch date, GetHomeSafe’s - Personal Safety app has grown in popularity worldwide. It was a finalist in the 2013 New Zealand innovation awards for Innovation in Marketing and Communication. 

GetHomeSafe has expanded since 2012 and now offers a significantly more comprehensive safety solution in the GetHomeSafe - Corporate Safety app. This apps intention was to focus on monitoring the well-being of groups of people travelling or working alone. We trade as a New Zealand registered company (3713254) and we are also a proud member of the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce and The New Zealand Safety Council


Our Vision

We are on a mission to take safety from being a boring but necessary part of life, and turn it into a beautiful service that everybody will enjoy using regularly.


Our Values

Our team at GetHomeSafe pride ourselves on being a trustworthy and respectable service provider. We stand for everyone that takes welfare monitoring and health and safety seriously. We pride ourselves in delivering quality software that all users and emergency contacts enjoying using. Our top of the line security integration ensures everyone’s personal data and information is stored safely and securely. Let us help you get home safe.

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions about making the world a safer place! Contact us today and start your GetHomeSafe journey.