Bonisch Consultants

Bonisch Consultants are a surveying, planning and engineering consultancy with offices in Invercargill, Te Anau and Christchurch. The over 30 strong New Zealand team have a can-do attitude and commitment to personal service. This relationship focus means team members go above and beyond to service clients, we stepped in to ensure they’re safe while doing so.


At any one day Bonisch Consultants can have several staff out in the field. Their terrain anywhere from the depths of Fiordland undertaking surveying work to downtown Auckland managing a Housing New Zealand redevelopment.  Keeping track of staff is paramount to ensuring they safely return to base at the end of the day.


With the Health and Safety Act coming into play, ensuring staff make it home safe has become more than a simple phone call or text at the end of the day.  By using Get Home Safe, when an alert goes off, we can see exactly where the user is and how much power they have left in their phone. This is critical if they are in serious trouble and can save valuable time and resources knowing this information.

If a user’s time runs over the allocated limit, all staff within the team are notified.  Our procedure is to follow this up immediately with a call to see if the user is ok, where if they are, then the time is extended or logged out if they are finished.  If they are not and do not answer, we login to see their location and battery life. If they are at home, a simple call sorts this out. If not, we look up the job created under Get Home Safe, which has the job details where we can contact the client directly to check if the user has left site.  If these two steps do not provide any joy, we then contact the next of kin to see if they know or have seen the user.


Being able to enter job details into the Get Home Safe app is very handy especially when we have up to 100 jobs a month being worked on.  It makes it very easy to track staff. The battery life indicator. This saves a lot of hassle and guess work. The live tracking is also very handy.