Wither Hills

Wither Hills have been crafting the very best wine from the stunning Marlborough region for the last 25 years. The secret to success - their passionate people who are hands on adventure seekers. We partnered with Wither Hills to ensure their most valuable asset, their people, are safe at all times.


The Wither Hills vineyards cover extremely vast areas and utilise technology so their staff can be out in the fields far from anyone at all times. Throw in the fact that they’re operating machinery to maintain the vines (think spraying, trimming and plucking), it’s clear health and safety measures are crucial.

Keeping an eye on staff started as a very manual task for Wither Hills management. Leaders were having to actively check in on a regular basis by physically locating or calling staff. The multiple, time consuming steps involved meant often this was not happening.


Viticulture Operations Manager Samantha Scarratt knew there would be a digital solution out there that could streamline this pain point. In Samantha’s search Get Home Safe ticked all of the boxes and, a bonus — it was cost effective. After a trial it was clear just how easy to use the app was and how it worked with their business needs.

Today Wither Hills have over 21 team members using Get Home Safe on their phones. With a working alone policy, workers will be altered to check in every 2 hours through the click of a button. Failing that team leaders will be notified to follow up with their workers, again through a simple click of a button.


Get Home Safe has given Samantha and the vineyard leaders confidence to know their people are truly safe. The Wither Hills team will continue to use the app and explore the potential for even further out of coverage integrations.

“For me what stands out is how easy Get Home Safe is to use. There is a personal approach to the service they offer us that fits nicely with our ethos.” - Samantha Scarratt, Viticulture Operations Manager