Enterprise Solutions

While our off-the-shelf GetHomeSafe – Corporate solution is excellent; it might not be exactly what your enterprise requires both now and into the future.

We understand that with running a large Enterprise comes unique Health and Safety, usability, data security and integration requirements that you will want to control.

A GetHomeSafe - Enterprise solution provides you with your own branded version of the software, along with control over what features are included and/or removed as the software evolves overtime.  We host the software and keep it up and running for you.  Any new features added to the software are first run past you, similar if a feature is removed.  

181202 Call Centre Dashboard with inreach

Custom Built Solutions

We can do anything from:

  • Simple custom branded apps,
  • Custom features and listing your own branded safety app for you,
  • Creating a massive system that allows staff, public, campus and community integration.

Think of an entire campus of students sharing their walk home via your own branded safety app with campus security to ensure everyone is home safe.

Think of all your vehicle tracking, task logging, panic alarms and security management in one place.

You dream it, we can build it and keep it running.

First step is to start you on a trial of our GetHomeSafe – Corporate solution, see how close this fits your unique health and safety requirements. From there we will have a couple of scoping sessions to ascertain your requirements and come up with a beautiful solution moving forward to exceed your enterprise’s expectations.

Contact us now and start for a quick, no obligation chat about what you are looking for.

Data Integration

We understand as a large Enterprise you may have your own GIS databases and internal systems you wish to integrate GetHomeSafe with.

We offer simple integration of our GetHomeSafe – Corporate solution with your GIS database. Your GIS information will be displayed within your GetHomeSafe Dashboard maps and it will also display within you field staff’s tracking maps on their phones. Pretty sweet little feature if we do say so ourselves.

This can be taken to the next level with Geofencing hazardous and safe areas within your GIS with push notifications to field staff.

Almost any integration is possible, it just comes back to your budget. Get in contact and we can have a quick chat about what you are looking for.