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If someone walked into your office right this instant and asked, ‘Where is your entire team and are they all OK?’ would you have an answer at your finger tips?

It is not a complex question and whether you have 2 or 2,000 lone workers, having an answer at your finger tips does not need a complex and expensive solution.

With GetHomeSafe – Corporate you have an easy, effective and affordable safety solution for monitoring the safety of your team on the go. 

GetHomeSafe - Corporate forms the core of Lone Worker Safety Monitoring or Journey Management policies for a wide variety of organisations around the world Start your free trial now and see for yourself or book a consultation to have a chat with one of our friendly team!

What is it?

GetHomeSafe – Corporate is a cloud based safety solution designed for monitoring the safety of your staff when working alone or remotely.

What GetHomeSafe provides is a fail-safe system to alert management if something is not right, an orange flag that something needs attention with enough information to make an informed and measured decision about what to do.

It is comprised of two parts; firstly there is our Corporate Safety App for staff to log task or travel plans on the go.  Secondly there is a web portal for real time situational awareness, reviewing tracking logs, managing your account, acknowledging alerts and downloading data etc.

The combination of note taking, GPS location sharing and check-in safety timers make GetHomeSafe a perfect system for Journey management and Lone Worker Safety Monitoring.

Why use it?

GetHomeSafe was founded on the idea that the most important phone call you will ever want to make is a phone call for help you can’t make yourself.

If your staff travel and/or work alone there is an element of risk that if something goes wrong they could easily be in a situation where they need assistance and can not call for help themselves.

To meet your moral obligations as an employer (not to mention any legal Health and Safety obligations) you need a robust and fail-safe system that:

  • Will proactively alert you if one of your lone workers is potentially in need of assistance
  • Has enough information on hand to make a quick, informed and measured decision about what steps to take next
  • Will hold both team leaders and staff accountable
  • Has minimal risk of human error
  • Respects users privacy and security of personal information
  • Is simple, quick, easy for everybody to use and
  • Most importantly it needs to be affordable.

GetHomeSafe is all of this and a fair bit more.

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Who can use it?

As a corporate account holder you can invite anybody you wish to join your account and to share what they are doing with your company.

Staff, contractors, sub-contractors, volunteers, site visitors or even clients; you chose who uses it by simply inviting them to join your account.

We can also work to integrate your account with your existing security and monitoring providers if you would like, just ask.

How to use it?

Simply have all your staff log what they are doing when they leave the office/depot via our GetHomeSafe - Corporate Android or iPhone app.

That is about it, you don’t need to do anything else, the system handles everything else so long as everybody is checking in as expected.

How it works?

Staff use our safety app to log what they are doing, including setting their next safety check-in time.

Once a task has been logged, the task details and GPS location is then shared in real time to their team leaders/supervisors dashboard for their reference.

As a users safety timer nears completion they will be reminded five times to check-in, even if they are out of coverage.

If everything has gone to plan, staff check-in as "Safe" during their task or "Home Safe" at the end of their task; coverage is required.  They are ready to log their next task.

However, if a user misses the five reminders to check-in the GetHomeSafe servers will alert their team leaders via email, SMS and optional automated phone calls that they have not checked in as planned. As it is the servers that raise the alert (not the app on the users phone) it does not matter what happens to a user or their phone, that alert will still get sent, even if they are out of coverage!

Team leaders are then required to log into their dashboard and acknowledge that they are following up the overdue alert.

If nobody acknowledges the overdue alert by plus 15 minutes the team leaders are alerted again.

If still nobody acknowledges the overdue alert by plus 30 minutes all account Administrators are alerted.

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What happens with the data?

The beauty of GetHomeSafe - Corporate is that it is digital and if used to its full potential, you will be sitting on a data goldmine for everything from timekeeping to disbursements and importantly identify your health and safety training requirements.

By default we have some simple inbuilt reporting, this is reflective of the task list and task types you set for your staff. Eg if you put “Working Near Water” on your task list, give it a month or two and check our reports to see how often it actually happens for your company, or how often it happens for different teams.

The potential of what value you can get out of the data is huge!

You can download the data as a .csv file for use in excel (for custom graphs or charts for H+S reporting), journey summaries for auditing or upload into other third party software for payroll and the likes. 

Ongoing Support

We offer unlimited free support to our Corporate customers via our website, email, phone or Skype. We respond to all support enquires within 24hours.



We provide free training material in the form of power point slide shows and a comprehensive pdf user guide.

We also provide free of charge up to one hour of Skype tuition as part of your trial and account start up process. On request we can provide additional Skype or onsite training sessions. 

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Who uses GetHomeSafe - Corporate?

Who uses GetHomeSafe - Corporate?

GetHomeSafe is used worldwide by vast cross section of sectors