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GetHomeSafe Corporate is a cloud-based safety solution. It is designed for monitoring the safety of lone workers and journey management plans remotely and is ideally suited for organisations with 2-100 employees. GetHomeSafe Corporate is comprised of two server-based software solutions that all users have access to.

Firstly is our Corporate Safety App, compatible with both iOS (13.0 or later) & Android (5.0 or later). This is used to log tasks and inform your supervisor what you are doing, where you are going, and how long you are expected to take.

Secondly is our online Web Portal. This is used for real-time situational awareness, reviewing tracking logs, managing your account, acknowledging alerts, and downloading data/reports. GetHomeSafe Web Portals can be accessed from any internet browser.

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Safety Monitoring Made Easy

Our welfare monitoring solution is easy for everyone to use. It starts by logging a task with our App. This informs your supervisor/emergency contact what you are doing, where you are going, and how long you are expected to take. Your supervisor/emergency contact will receive notification of your activated task. Here they will be able to monitor your position to make sure you are OK.

If you don't check-in on time, or trigger a manual alert from the App, your supervisor/emergency contact will be able to identify your location and respond accordingly. Additional solutions such duress alerting, no-movement detection, and satellite coverage provide a comprehensive solution to get your team home safely every night. 



Easy, Effective & Affordable!

We pride ourselves at GetHomeSafe for being an extremely affordable welfare monitoring solution. Refer to our pricing page for further details on what makes GetHomeSafe Corporate a truly affordable monitoring solution.



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Start a free trial with GetHomeSafe Corporate and see for yourself if this monitoring system is what you are looking for. You can also book a live demonstration with one of our friendly GetHomeSafe team members, or contact us for more information.



The ease of sharing what you are doing, along with the robust welfare monitoring applications make GetHomeSafe a popular solution for many different applications, click on your application to learn more.


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