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If someone walked into your office right this instant and asked, ‘Where is your entire team and are they all OK?’ would you have an answer on-hand?

It is not a complex question and whether you have 2 or 2,000 lone workers, having an answer on-hand does not need a complex and expensive solution.


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The GetHomeSafe employee welfare monitoring solution is based on years of experience working alone in remote regions of Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  It is the same all over the globe, lone workers are using onerous, complex, expensive and error-prone systems for journey management and confirming they are Ok.

GetHomeSafe is the faster, smarter and better way of monitoring the welfare of your employees on the go, without the need for a monitoring company.



Safety Monitoring Made Easy

Our welfare monitoring solution could not be easier for the lone worker


1. Set yourself a task or journey timer 

2. Do what you have planned 

3. If you do not check-in as scheduled the system generates an alert on your behalf


Safety Monitoring System Diagram two3


The solution is cloud based, making it easy to implement and the beautiful intuitive design makes it quick for lone workers to master.



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Easy & Effective

Effectiveness comes from engagement.

Engagement comes being intuitive, easy & meaningful. 

What makes GetHomeSafe a truly effective lone worker & journey management solution is how intuitive and easy to use it is for both field staff, supervisors and management, along with all our awesome safety features.

This is a solution staff enjoy using and effectiveness comes naturally from their engagement.



Easy, Effective & Affordable!

Affordability results from the key human inputs are made by your team and your supervisors, not the GetHomeSafe team. 

This means very low overheads for us and a tremendous cost saving that we are happy to pass onto you.

Our intuitive design, smart alerting, follow up requirements and escalation sequence all mean that 100's of happy clients have successfully implemented their own monitoring solution, without the expensive monitoring fees of having a third party do it for you.

Monitoring can be arranged and associated cost apply, but it is optional and the vast majority of our clients happily & effectively monitor alerts from the system themselves.

Please refer to our pricing page for further details on what makes GetHomeSafe-Corporate a truly affordable monitoring solution.



Popular Uses & Application

The easy of sharing what you are doing, along with the robust welfare monitoring applications make GetHomeSafe a popular solution for many different applications, click on your application to learn more.


Lone worker safety monitoring

Journey Management

Mandown & No-movement device alternatives

Remote and isolated work



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