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Introducing GetHomeSafe-Corporate, a safety monitoring solution, tailored for organisations with 2-200+ employees.

Use around the world for:  Working in Isolation  -  Journey Management  -  Lone Worker Safety Monitoring


Simple, effective & affordable safety monitoring

If someone walked into your office right this instant and asked, ‘Where is your entire team and are they all OK?’ would you have an answer on-hand?

It is not a complex question and whether you have 2 or 2,000 lone workers, having an answer on-hand does not need a complex and expensive solution.


Keeping it Simple

The Get Home Safe concept could not be simpler.


1. Set yourself a timer 

2. Do what you have planned 

3. If you do not check-in as scheduled the system generates an alert on your behalf.


Along with the simple concept, we also know staff in the field and supervisors in the office need a solution that is simple to implement and simple to use.


Make it Effective

Turning this simple concept into a safety monitoring solution that works is no mean feat. 

Since Get Home Safe was founded in 2012 we have been designing, developing and refining the behind the scenes magic that make this simple concept into a beautifully effective safety monitoring solution.

While we are not going to give all our trade secrets away, here a few of the features that make this solution hum:

  • It is on call 24/7, it never sleeps
  • Log a favourite task in 3 clicks – quicker than a teenager can text OMG to their BFF
  • Every two minutes’ location, task details are safely stored back on the server
  • Reminds staff to check-in, five times
  • Duress PIN (Silent Alerts) and discreet panic button just in-case
  • Alerts are sent from the server, not a user’s phone.  This means no matter what happens to someone or their phone an alert is always generated
  • And not just any old alert, these alerts have GPS tracking maps, intended destination, notes, task details, contact details and even remaining phone battery
  • Follow up requirements and escalation alerting ensure all alerts are seen to.

GetHomeSafe is all of this and a fair bit more.

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Your Safety, Your Way

No safety monitoring solution can be truly effective if it cannot be configured to your way of doing things. 

We know no two teams are the same, and no two companies are alike, as such you can:

  • Create your own unique list of task types
  • Prompt what you want staff to make note of
  • Build your own teams
  • Assign appropriate supervisors
  • Configure alerts that suit you
  • Adjust settings for after-hours vs business hours
  • Upload your internal policies, standard procedures and emergency contact details

All this can be done with no limits, no rules and no extra fees, except we do charge a little extra for phone call alerts. 

Some of the finer details of how the system works can be found on our how it works page or contact us for a comprehensive service summary

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Be Affordable

Unfortunately, when it comes to safety so many awesome products are priced beyond those that need them most. 

One of the key values of Get Home Safe is to provide amazing solutions that the maximum number of people can afford.

Without giving too much away, this system is fully automated and as such it can monitor the safety of your team with zero human input from our end.  That is right, the key human inputs come from your team and your supervisors, not the GHS team. 

This means very low overheads for us and a tremendous cost saving that we are happy to pass onto you.

Please refer to our pricing page for further details on what makes GetHomeSafe-Corporate a fraction of the cost of traditional monitoring services and call centers.


Have a closer look

Start a free trial & see for yourself if this monitoring system what you are looking

If you would like to learn a little more before jumping into a trial book a consultation with one of our friendly team to talk through what you are looking for or contact us for a detailed service summary. 

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