Lone Worker solution

GetHomeSafe - Lone Worker, our most popular corporate solution!

Combining a Lone Worker app, an optional bluetooth wearable panic button and cloud-based safety monitoring platform.

It is designed with field worker engagement at its core. 

Compliance comes from effectiveness. Effectiveness comes from engagement. 

To top it off, our Lone Worker package is one of the most affordable options on the market.

It works worldwide, see for yourself and start a Free Trial now, or read further to learn more. 



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Lone Worker Safety Made Easy

Our Lone Worker welfare monitoring solution is easy for everyone to use, end-to-end. 

The easy part starts with registration, with Single Sign-On and Active Directory Integration as standard.

Sharing tasks is straightforward with our fully customisable app experience. 

Knowing someone is not OK is easy with Silent alerts, Mandown alerting and connected Panic Button. 

Monitoring alerts is simple with configurable Supervisor escalations and Call Centre integrations.

It all comes together as a comprehensive solution to get your team home safely every night. 

Get Started With GetHomeSafe - Lone Worker Free Trial

Start a Free Trial with GetHomeSafe Corporate and see for yourself if it is what you are looking for.

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You can also book a live demonstration with one of our friendly GetHomeSafe team members, or contact us for more information.



Combining all industry leading features of lone worker safety apps
some of GetHomeSafe's features are:
• Duress alarm buttons
• Man-down devices and satellite SOS alerts into one easy to use
• Lone Worker Live GPS Tracking
• Fail-Safe Overdue Alerting
• Panic & Silent PIN Alerts
• The ability to plan and request approval for tasks before they are undertaken
• Wearable Integration

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Linked Apps
  • Single Sign-On
  •  The ability to plan and request approval for tasks before they are undertaken
  •  Wearable Integration