Combined Cell & Satellite Monitoring Solution

Are you in the market for a world class employee welfare monitoring solution for both your Remote and Isolated employees, alongside those working alone within Cell Coverage, without the compulsory monitoring fees! 

In & Out of Coverage. One Platform. One Dashboard. One Seamless Solution. World Wide Coverage. Your Bank Balance Intact.

You get complete situational awareness on the one screen, making remote and lone worker safety monitoring super easy, not matter if they are in or out of coverage.



combined cell and satellite welfare monitoring system
GPS satellite device line up

Personal Location Devices

Personal Location GPS tracking devices and brands you know and trust. 

Real time GPS locations, messages and emergency alerts all on the one dashboard, alongside welfare monitoring via the Lone Worker App for employees in coverage.



Safety App

The star of the show is our safety app, making logging of task or journey management plans super quick and super easy.  This includes simply selecting which GPS device you are taking from your “pool” of available devices.  Turn it on and off you go!

Log your plans  >  Select Device  >  Off you go!

This easy of selecting which device you have for the day (or week) drastically reduces the total number of devices you need and massively reduces the hassles of registering who has which device for the day, a cost saving in admin time by itself.



Garmin InReach Spot GEN3 Safety App and Dashboard

Combination Tracking

Once assigned to your task for the day, real time GPS locations are combined with those from your safety app. 

This ease of sharing devices minimises the total number of devices and expensive Satellite data plans required by your team. 

Combining the two tracking methods allows satellite tracking only when out of coverage, again reducing the amount of costly satellite data. 

The two GPS feeds combine seamlessly to create one single tracking map and one task timeline.



Welfare Monitoring in/out of coverage

Via either the Garmin InReach or the Spot Gen 3 you can use the pre-set message functions of the device to trigger events within Get Home Safe.


“I am OK” triggers a scheduled Welfare Check-in, resetting your recurring welfare timer

“Send for Help” will triggers an alert within GHS and activate the GHS escalation process

“Custom” will extend your GHS countdown timer by 1 hour,

“SOS” triggers an alert with a 24/7 call centre, along with an activation of the GHS escalation process




Supervision & monitoring made easy

This is probably what you have been looking for, the key to the success of GetHomeSafe is our easy to use and robust follow up solution for responding to alerts. 

  • Requirement for all alerts to be acknowledged
  • Maintain structure to who is receiving alerts
  • Configurable options of how individuals would like to be notified, email, text and phone
  • Configurable options of type of alert for time of day and days of the week. Eg phone call alerts for weekends and night shift work only
  • Configurable three step escalation process to ensure all alerts are followed up
  • Record follow up action
  • Reporting on response times, false alerts


Lone worker app small business

One central dashboard allows for all alerted supervisors to look at the same information, in real time and with beautifully presented detail to make informed decisions with confidence. 

You can also run your own call centre, or have any third party you already use monitor the alerts.

Of course, if you prefer to have a monitoring company help out with monitoring we can arrange this for you, but with GetHomeSafe, monitoring is optional!