Agency Access

For EHS Consultants, Monitoring Companies and Hardware providers. 

At GetHomeSafe we understand that work place health and safety can be a complex issue and having some expert advise onboard or someone to help with monitoring can make or break a solution. 


What is an Agency?

An approved GetHomeSafe Agency is a consultant or company who meets such a high level of trust and capability in use GetHomeSafe that we are happy to recommend them to our clients for monitoring, training, support and ongoing monitoring services.  

We also accredit Agencies whom supply personal location devices and other hardware that work with or complement GetHomeSafe - Corporate.

Through a mutual agreement qualifying organisations can be granted an "Agency" account to provide accurate support and assistance in real time to their clients using the software. 


What to expect from an Agency?

From a GetHomeSafe approved Agency you can expect:

  • Expert Advice
  • Professionalism and trusted monitoring
  • Expert training and support for use of GetHomeSafe - Corporate
  • Will add value to your organisation
  • Great personal location devices that are fit for purpose and work 

Want to become an Agency?

If you are a Health and Safety consultant, device retailer or a monitoring company and you are interested in becoming an approved Agency, please contact us for further details.

The approval process works through ensuring that as an Agency you not only understand our products, but are also sufficiently capable in their use to add value to our mutual clients.