Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

GetHomeSafe Corporate is an automated cloud based safety solution for monitoring the safety of any group of lone workers, volunteers, contractors or students.

It is simple & quick to use, provides effective safety monitoring and most importantly is it very affordable.

Want to know if a lone worker does not safely complete a task?

Our automated monitoring will handle that with ease.

Are you after a simple method for staff to confirm they are OK during their shift?

We’ll handle that for you, no matter how many staff and no matter how often they need to check-in.

Want to confirm your entire team gets home safely tonight?

That my friend is why we exist.


Lone Worker Safety Monitoring with GetHomeSafe

GetHomeSafe is a self monitoring solution for knowing your team of lone workers are OK.

Staff simply pull their phone out of their pocket, set themselves a check-in time via our safety app and off they go.

It is all shared in real time back to a beautiful dashboard for your reference, including GPS location and task details.

Once staff have safely completed their task or reached their next recurring check-in time, they simply get their phone back out and check-in.

The Clever Part

Where it gets really clever is if a check-in is missed.

If a staffer misses their check-in time, well firstly they are reminded multiple times to check-in.

But if for whatever unknown reason they don’t check-in as planned our fail-safe alerting system kicks in, even if their phone is out of coverage or battery!

Team leaders are alerted about the situation via email and SMS, with enough information to make an informed and measured decision about the next course of action.

No more frantic phone calls trying to figure out what has happened!

Your Lone Working Staff Policy Partner

Just about everyone of the many happy GetHomeSafe users was looking at improving their safety systems and lone working policies when they first made contact with us.

You may be in a similar position yourself and we are happy to offer some free advice.  

At GetHomeSafe we don't just sell software, we are about getting people home safely and we know your lone working policy is an important part of that.  

We deal daily with people like yourself working on their isolated staff safety policies and we have picked up plenty of top tips, so don't be shy.  

Tell us your story, what you are looking for and we will see what we can do to help! 

Reducing Costs

Keeping track of your lone working staff's safety doesn't need to be expensive!

From GPS vehicle trackers, man down alarms to monitoring call centres it may seem like everyone is having a laugh with their prices when it comes to safety.

Not only is GetHomeSafe very affordable as a subscription, it drastically reduces the admin costs of running a lone working monitoring system yourself and maximises your investment in smartphones.  

With the automated system handling all the boring bits of staff checking in and out your admin staff are free to focus on their core roles, not chasing up where staff are.  

Have a Go

There is so much to like about GetHomeSafe and how easy it will slot right into the core of your Lone Working Staff pocedures, but the best place to start is to see for yourself with a free trial.

For more info on the product itself check out our Corporate Page or start a free trial and see for yourself.

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