Man Down Alerting

Like all good safety monitoring software, Get Home Safe has several Mandown and no movement alerting options, alerting supervisors when an employee has not moved for a set period of time. 


Wearable Mandown Wristband

You can now connect your GetHomSafe app via bluetooth to a very affordable wearable wristband.  Via the app you configure your expected movement interval, eg at least once a minute, along with two reminder warnings, then log your task as normal.

During your task, if the wristband does not record movement within the allocated period it first warns you, then if you don't respond it activates the GetHomeSafe alerting sequence to your nominated supervisors, including a requirement to follow up and escalation alerts. 

This is a new feature for us and it is currently live on Android, with iOS a work in progress.


Recurring Welfare Checks

One of the most popular use cases is using the app to check-in during you shift or specific task to confirm you are OK, not just at the end of it.  This means if anything happens (no just a mandown/no movement event) an alert will be raised.

This genuine human acknowledgement of checking-in via your phone covers every possibility of what can go wrong, not just someone who hasn't moved for a set period of time, but assault, phone theft, being trapped, hostage, the list goes on.  

All without the hassle of having to carry your phone on you during onerous and messy tasks. 

With GHS, confirming you are Ok takes three clicks on your phone or one click on your wristband, quicker than you read this sentence. True story.   This makes checking-in during your task easy, quick, convenient and because we have automated the process you can easily have 50+ staff checking in every 60 minutes all day every day and no-one in the office is lifting a finger.