Implementation Support

Getting a fully automated employee welfare monitoring solution up and running can seem daunting. 

Your dedicated account manager will guide you through the entire process, from system requirements to training and getting engagement. 



Security & Privacy Reviews

We will assist with your security requirements and privacy impact assessments as required.

Just let us know what you require, we work through this process on a daily basis so it should be quick and painless. 


Onsite Training & Support

Training sessions can be arranged onsite and we frequently use the "train the trainer" approach to implementations.


Self-learning & Competency Testing

Coming mid 2019 - We are currently hard at work building a full online platform for self-learning and competency testing, providing a premium solution for full management, tracking and reporting of your implementation process. 


Ongoing Engagement

Success is not just in your implementation, but the continued engagement of your employees.  Your account manager will periodically keep in contact to ensure ongoing value is gained for the solution.