Satellite Employee Welfare Monitoring Solutions

Complete Satellite Coverage

A purpose built monitoring solution for remote working employees to ensure your team/s are getting home safely, even without cell coverage.

Cell, Satellite, Digital Radio and even Wifi coverage for remote workers is just part of the bigger Get Home Safe picture, but it is still one picture. 

Everyone on the same solution no matter the coverage option.

Everyone on the same map. Everyone getting home safely as planned.




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Remote Worker Welfare Monitoring Made Easy

Monitoring your Remote workers is now easy, effective and affordable.  

Start, edit, check-in and sign off as homesafe from anywhere in the world; all with everything you know and love about Get Home Safe via satellite. 

One device, no need to pair a phone or app!

All commands that trigger events in your Get Home Safe welfare plan come pre-loaded in your Garmin InReach

Supervision & monitoring on your terms

This is probably what you have been looking for, the key to the success of GetHomeSafe is our easy to use and robust follow up solution for responding to alerts. 

Designed to self-monitor, Get Home Safe is packed with features and intuitive design that makes self monitoring effective and efficient. 

Monitoring is on your terms, with options of:

  • self monitor through supervisors
  • self monitor through your own call centre
  • afterhours third party monitoring 
  • complete third party monitoring
  • any combination there of any of these options

All monitoring is completely audit traced and can be reported on, including response times and response actions.



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Devices, Connections & Support

We believe it is not one device or one feature or one coverage solution that gets people home safely; it is the right tool for the job. 

Working with you and our partner firms we will review your requirements and ensure you have the right coverage solution for every job.

Once we settle on the right coverage option/s we seamlessly bring it together all into one place and one solution.

As a full service remote worker solution provider you can expect the implementation support, onsite training* and utilisation reporting needed to ensure your requirements well into the years ahead.

Learn more and getting started

Your journey to a complete remote worker solution is one we are happy to guide you through.

There are many options and many paths to a solution, but the quickest and easiest is to give us a call and start the conversation.

Where possible we are more than happy have one of the team come and visit you, sit down face to face and talk through your requirements, free of charge*.

If meeting in person is not fesable, video or phone call is the next best thing, so get in touch!


*Subject to availability in New Zealand and Australia