Welfare Monitoring Solutions

Employee Welfare Monitoring Made Easy

Getting them home safe, every shift

Where is the team and are they OK?

Whether you have 200 or 20,000 employees, it is not a complex question and no matter the number of time-zones, locations or diversity of what your enterprise does, we do not believe it needs a complex or expensive solution. 



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Designed to Scale with you

A solution that grows with you.

With flexible configuration and pricing this welfare monitoring solution will scale to match your use and size. 

Self monitor and save

Supervisor or your own contact centre

Employee welfare monitoring without compulsory monitoring fees through GetHomeSafe is easy, it is why we exist. 

Your Enterprise solutions comes with monitoring options that can be mixed and matched to suit your application.


Use your own Contact Centre/Control Room

Enterprise is built specifically with utilising your control room in mind.

Alerting by exception & a seamless platform to include supervisors and management in the monitoring process.


Supervisors & Management

Who knows your line of work, the day to day risks your teams face, individual employees habits and the nature of your clients better than anyone else? 

It is your supervisors and management, with Enterprise is optional for them to be first point of contact, even for part of the time. 


Third Party Monitoring