Instant Panic Buttons

Having the ability for Lone Workers to send a panic alert to their Team Leader quickly and easily without touching their phone could be imperative in a high risk situation.

A Bluetooth-connected Panic button allows the option for lone working staff to press a button to activate the panic feature of the GetHomeSafe app, alerting their supervisor of the situation without having to touch their phone.  

The panic button is very small and discrete, allowing staff to hold it out of sight until such time they are comfortable.  

Instant Panic Buttons & Automated Safety Monitoring 

On its own, the panic button is a powerful yet beautifully simple safety tool, but when you combine it with the automated lone worker safety monitoring of our premium service GetHomeSafe - Corporate Safety you will also enjoy:

  • Regular check-in safety monitoring
  • PIN protection
  • GPS tracking
  • Automated phone call alerts
  • Customised alerting process for business hours and after hours
  • Record job numbers and staff time
  • Reporting and export options


GetHomeSafe - Out of Coverage

All Corporate accounts are monthly subscriptions as follows:

  • Standard Service, $US 3.50 per User
  • Premium Service, including Automated Phone Call alerts, $US 4.50 a month per user

Discounts for annual payment and accounts with greater than 20 users apply, request a quote here.

Panic Buttons

There are two options for the Panic Buttons:

Purchase the buttons, for $US 40 for one or $US 99 for three plus shipping and handling;

or include them in your monthly subscription for an additional $US 5.00 a month per button. 

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