Twig - SOS Card

Designed to look like an ID card holder, the TWIG SOS Card is extremely discrete and very simple to use. It includes tilt and no movement detectors and a subtle SOS alert key. This device is well suited for safety of front office staff, health care staff, security, social workers and any other staff who already carry ID cards.


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No Movement - Mandown

Monitor movement over a configurable time period, if the card does not register movement for the set time a 'No Movement Alert' is activated.



Trigger an interactive SOS alert with built in button.


Wearable Accessories 

Attach your card to Wearable Accessories for easier access when working alone. Pendant loops, belt clips, wrist bands or a full kit are available upon request.


Two Way Voice Call

Send and receive voice calls from the card.


All TWIG devices on our Website can be purchased through GetHomeSafe, if purchasing in bulk we can discuss a special deal.

Your device SOS can be configured to be sent directly to emergency services and/or your monitoring centre/contacts via GetHomeSafe.  We will work with you to ensure this is configured and tested correctly before real world use.

Yes. You can provide your own compatible hardware for use with GetHomeSafe.

We will need to discuss who your device is connected with currently and the process to switch this if necessary.

Yes! We can help provide training and/or training material for your staff on how the device works with GetHomeSafe.