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Working Alone From Home – Health & Safety Thoughts

1 April 2020

I’m not sure how everyone else is coping but it’s a topsy turvy week! Moving computers possibly desks and chairs, making sure internet connections are working and while still trying...

190910 InReach Tracking in Fiordland

Remote worker monitoring completely from your Satellite Garmin InReach device

2 July 2019

Start a remote worker welfare plan from anywhere in the world, check-in and sign off as homesafe; all from one device!

Log Tasks via your Desktop

9 May 2019

Safety monitoring without GPS tracking is now live.

170412 dont worry I will call

The worry with "don't worry, I will call you when I get there..."

30 March 2015

We have all said it, “don't worry, I will call you when I get there”.