Personal Safety App

A FREE Safety App for Travel, Adventure and General Life

Simply use the free GetHomeSafe - Personal Safety app to set yourself a safety timer for when you will check-in as being safe, add a few details, and off you go!  

Your plans are then shared with your contact for real time GPS updates, safety check-ins and any notes you make along the way.

Check-in when you are 'home safe' and job done.  This is the clever part - If you don't check-in as planned the system will send an alert on your behalf, completely independent of your phone and situation. 

Simple as that and it is completely free, no catches; use this free app next time you head out and do what you do and Get Home Safe.

Available on iPhone and Android only.  

Why use the App?

Get Home Safe was founded on the idea that the most important phone call you will ever want to make is a phone call for help that you can’t make.

Tracking what your safety with the GetHomeSafe - Personal Safety app provides both a fun way to share what you are doing in real time and the added reassurance of a fail-safe alerting system to call for help if it all goes wrong and you can’t call for help yourself.

That is right, no matter what happens to you or your phone Get Home Safe will send an alert if your safety timer runs out. No coverage, no battery and a drowned phone, no worries, the Get Home Safe servers will send an alert on your behalf.

When to use the App?

You choose when and why to use the app, basically any time you want the reassurance of an alert being sent if you can’t call for help yourself and/or you want to share your live GPS tracking with those waiting at home for your safe arrival.

The top Five most common uses are:

  • Walking Home
  • Long distance Driving
  • Recreational Flying
  • Cycling
  • Hiking

There are many other common uses like fishing, mountain biking, hunting, boating and even going on a date.

It is completely up to you when to use the app.


How much will the app cost?

Get Home Safe-Personal is a free app for unlimited personal use.

We do charge for SMS alerts if you want to use them over and above the email alerts; this covers the cost to us of sending the SMS and nothing more.


Why is the app free, what is the catch?

That is right, it is a free app and there are no annoying ads in it.

There is no catch, this app is a free promotional product that gives people a small taste of our significantly more comprehensive safety monitoring solution GetHomeSafe - Corporate.  

That is it; no other hidden agenda or sneaky fees lying in wait to catch you out, just a very awesome free promotional product that is free for all who want it.  Just remember we have more comprehensive solutions for your team a work or on the road.

We hope you enjoy using the app and please let us know your thoughts and feedback through our contact page and be sure to let your family and friends know about it!

Please note the terms and conditions allow for 'reasonable personal use only'.