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Lone Worker Safety Made Easy

The quality of any real time safety monitoring and emergency response is a key consideration for keeping your mobile teams safe and self monitoring is not a viable option for many organisations.

Through our partnership program you can find a local, professional and rapid monitoring service for your lone working staff and their use of GetHomeSafe - Lone Worker or any GetHomeSafe solution/connected device. 

Whatever your organisation requires, our partners will work with you to build bespoke escalation procedures and ensure your staff are safe and you are compliant with your employer’s obligation.

Consider Offering Lone Worker Monitoring to Your Clients?

If you are looking to offer lone worker safety monitoring to your call centre clients, talk to us about what we can do to help make this happen.

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Lone Worker Monitoring Key Services

Key features of using professional monitoring through a GetHomeSafe Partner include: 
  • Rapid response to Panic Button emergency alerts
  • Direct link to emergency services*
  • Physical response from Security Guards*
  • BS 8484 accredited monitoring options*
  • 24/7 coverage or flexible monitoring options
  • Bespoke call flows and emergency procedures
  • Automated and manual call in & out services
  • Real-time incident reports
  • Processing of false alarms
  • Utilization reporting
GetHomeSafe Dashboard alongside radio and devices for GPS tracking

Find a Monitoring Partner

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Monitoring Partners

Lone Worker Monitoring Systems

Lone Worker Monitoring Systems is a general term we use to encompass the many moving parts required to monitor the safety of staff. Each solution is unique, often compiled of the following elements:
  • Lone Worker Policy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Lone Workers
  • Team Members
  • Lone Worker App and Devices
  • Travel Safety Plans
  • Cloud Based Employee Safety Monitoring Software
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Monitoring Agents
  • Emergency Workers

GetHomeSafe is the platform that brings all the solutions together into one easy-to-use and cost-effective solution. A key part of making your system successful is the alert monitoring and who you choose to do this, picking the right partner for your business type is important if you choose to outsource it.

Journey Management Plan For Mobile Workforce, arrived safely, auto checkpoints and destination safely

How Does It Work?

Setting up a professional outfit to monitor your use of GetHomeSafe is easy. Select a partner from our directory who suits your requirements.  Work with them or us to customise your Lone Worker Monitoring Systems for your unique requirements. 


Select from some default processes or work with your lone worker monitoring partner to create bespoke processes for following up on employees failing to safely check out of tasks or travel.   

Alert response

Rapid emergency response from highly-trained monitoring agents, connecting directly with the lone workers in times of need.

Quality & local knowledge

All monitoring agents of approved GetHomeSafe Partners have been through the GetHomeSafe certified monitoring training before gaining access to the platform. 


Yes, if you have an existing monitoring partner or call centre you can use them to monitor your GetHomeSafe - Lone Worker alerts. Contact your Account Manager to discuss further, GetHomeSafe may cover some of the training costs associated with this.

It is up to you and the monitoring partner to determine what and when it is appropriate to phone police as a result of a lone worker panic activation or failure to check-in as planned.  

The exact process you settle on is presented to the monitoring agent for them to work through in response to the Lone Worker alert and record their actions in the real time incident response report.

Monitoring Lone Workers varies from region to region and the service you select.  

Generally speaking, most partners offer a variety of monitoring plans and most have a low use/cost option about the same as the GHS software license and plans go upwards from there.

Access to sensitive information is closely controlled (and configurable) and everything is audited within the system.

The process to become an approved GHS monitoring provider requires businesses to provide a high level of quality and professionalism, including background checks.

Some partners bill per activation, regardless of it being a genuine alert. Other monitoring partners have a limit on activations per month.