Small Business Safety Monitoring

A Lone Worker and Journey Management Solution for Small Business

Running a small business is all about making the most of your resources and often that means you and your employees working alone and unsupervised.

You almost certainly have found yourself here looking for a one stop solution to make your lone worker safety monitoring easy, effective and affordable.



Get Home Safe for Small Business

Lone Worker Safety Monitoring and Journey Management Made easy

Get Home Safe is simply a software package that makes what you already do much easier and quicker.

Instead of an office whiteboard or texting what you are doing, employees working alone use an app to share what they are doing.

They set themselves some times to check-in, either during or at the safe completion of their task or journey.

If they don't check-in as planned the system raises an alert on their behalf.



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Affordable Mandown Devices & Panic Button

We supply effective & super affordable Mandown and No-Movement devices for your small business.

A no-movement device from $30 that works.  You read that right.

Our device is so affordable because all the heavy lifting is done by our safety app and that $1000 phone in your pocket

The device itself has a few simple functions, including configurable no-movement alerts, but all the clever work is done by the app/phone resulting in a very affordable mandown solution.

It also doubles as a wearable Panic Button.



Affordable Safety Monitoring Solutions

This is the big one, GetHomeSafe is a lone worker safety app with 


We can partner you with a local monitoring company if you would like, but it is optional!

The beauty of GetHomeSafe is it has been designed to self monitor.  Email, text &/or phone call alerts.

It comes with heaps of awesome features to make it super quick and easy, even if you are on the go. 

Flexible monthly invoicing means you will only ever pay for the number of licences you actually need, no more paying for unused software.

Training, support and all other fees are included in our advertised prices.




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Flexible supervision and alerting configurations

Every small business is slightly different and your needs may change over time.

Get Home Safe allow you to start small and expand to multiple teams over time.

Your account and your teams can be configured to suit what you do and how you work.




More Info and Getting Started

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