Small Business Packages

Sure, Get Home Safe is a lone worker safety and journey management app, and a damn good one might we say, but we strive to be more than just another software company with the best safety features and lowest prices, we are about making the world a safer place and part of this is helping with the bigger picture, which is why we have come up with our Small Business Packages.  


Small Business Lone Worker Safety DIY Package

We understand a dollar saved is a dollar earned, and as a small business if you can do it yourself without paying an expensive consultant all the better, and this is very much the case with reducing direct costs like Health and Safety compliance. 

If you are one to do things yourself or give it a crack, the GetHomeSafe – Small business lone worker DIY package could be just what you are looking for. 

We provide the tools, the training, some helpful resources and point you in the right direction to create your very own Lone Worker Safety monitoring solution.

The DIY Small Business Lone Worker Package includes:

  • Free 30min consultation with a GetHomeSafe expert to see what you require, discuss the options & formulate a solution
  • Free lone worker policy guide and overdue employee response check list
  • Free 30 day trial of our Small Business safety monitoring software
  • Two 30 min training sessions to get you started
  • One free GetHomeSafe wearable safety wristband – valued at $US 25
  • Unlimited ongoing support
  • Flexible and affordable licensing, only pay for what you need


Small Business Lone Worker Safety Get the Experts in Package

If you are too busy or not confident in creating your own system or are concerned about compliance, The Get the Experts in Small Business Lone Worker Package steps things up and on top of the DIY Package.

The Pack includes:

  • Facilitate an introduction to a consultant in your local area whom is an expert with Get Home Safe and can assist with any policy and procedure creation, in some cases even provide onsite training and ongoing support.
  • Arrange a monitoring company to handle alerts from your team using GHS, either 24/7 or afterhours only