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Unify Employee Welfare Monitoring

With a GetHomeSafe Enterprise package you unlock access to additional features like active directory and end-to-end support from our experienced account management team.

From conceptualising and configuring or even developing a solution bespoke to your requirements right through to approval and implementation we will make the process easy.

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We understand the challenges scoping, procuring, implementing and getting the most out of SaaS solutions presents for Enterprise-level organisations like yourselves.  It’s our job to make it easy for you, talk to us about what a GetHomeSafe Enterprise support package could do for you.

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One Source of Truth

Centralise all your fragmented systems, technology and hardware into one platform. Create a single, real-time platform for your entire organisation’s health, safety, and welfare monitoring requirements. 

  • Ensure compliance with all your data, processes, and policies stored in one place
  • Benefit from an easy-to-use, effective and surprisingly cost effective platform 
  • Bring together all of your employee safety tools and devices on one platform
  • Enable access to different tools for each team, business unit, and region
  • Integrate third-party tools and software in one bespoke platform

Get a unique, custom-built enterprise safety solution with GetHomeSafe - Enterprise.

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Three Steps to Success

Unify & Automate

Unify your HSE solutions into one platform

Automate manual processes

Digitise paper-based approvals


Learn & Improve

Report and learn

Adjust and refine over time

Measure improvements 

Return on Investment

Save time monitoring & approvals

Reduce hardware requirements

Guaranteed return on investment

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Learn more about how GetHomeSafe can meet your welfare monitoring requirements by booking a live demonstration to see the platform in action. 

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Enterprise Support Packages

Implementation Support

Key stakeholder engagement & approval

Business case assistance & security reviews

Custom eLearning & superuser training

Bespoke Customisations

Co-branding or white-labelling

Bespoke feature toggling

Feature development by arrangement

Enhanced Account Management

Service level agreement & dedicated account manager

Proactive account management

Direct channel for feature development feedback

Enterprise Requirements

GetHomeSafe meets the requirements of all key stakeholders within your Enterprise from IT security through to finance and even unions:

  • Enforceable single sign-On & two-factor authentication
  • Azure active directory integration (AD) 
  • Service level agreement
  • Enhanced account management
  • Data & personal information access controls and auditing 
  • Custom features and integrations
  • Government level digital security 
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Enterprise Must-Have Features

Key Features

Active directory 

Enforceable single sign on 

Two factor authentication


ISO 27001 Data centers

Regional data hosting

Penetration testing & audits by arrangement


Return on Investment

Save time monitoring & approvals

Reduce hardware requirements

Guaranteed return on investment

Talk to Sales

We understand the journey will take time and effort from both parties, it starts with a free series of discovery session to explore your requirements and live demonstration of the GetHomeSafe solution.

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Enterprise Safety FAQs

Onboarding, offboarding and maintaining accurate contact information is a breeze with our integration with Azure Active Directory.  You can quickly and accurately onboard hundreds of people with Active Directory.

Most importantly, we automate license management and access control for you. This means that you no longer run the risk of paying for licenses and allowing access for someone who left your organisation months or even years ago.

Yes you can. Your users can access your GetHomeSafe - Enterprise account using their work username and password by enforcing it.

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. This may incur additional costs.

Yes, on a case by case basis. This may incur additional costs.

To enable the benefits and flexibility of Enterprise you need to commit to a minimum term of 12 months and a minimum of 100 users.