Employee Safety in Real Time 

Our Enterprise safety monitoring solution takes the best parts of our Lone Worker, Journey Management and Remote Worker solutions and adds the flexibility you demand for your unique requirements. 

To qualify for an Enterprise level solution and unlock the associated benefits your account needs a minimum number of licenses and agreed contract duration, negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Active Directory Integration

Onboarding and Offboarding and maintaining accurate software licenses and employee details is a breeze with our integration with Azure Active Directory.

Set rules and allocated times to sync your active employee directory to maintain the accuracy of your GetHomeSafe user base.

Mass onboarding of employees into our welfare monitoring system in major emergency events is extremely quick and easy.



Mass Messaging and Emergency Event Welfare Checks

Need to confirm everyone in your enterprise is OK in a major emergency event?

With our Mass Messaging and Active Directory Integration sending important safety information and confirming very large groups of employees are OK is quick and easy. 

Filtering on region, business unit, team and welfare status within GHS you can send a bulk requirement for employees to confirm their status in a natural disaster or major event.

The monitoring of responses can be managed in a cloud based central monitoring portal.



Government Level Data Security

All the bells and whistles Central Government data security provisions are standard and include:

  • Enforceable Single Sign On (SSO) 

  • Independent Security Reviews

  • Regular Penetration Testing

  • Data Access Controls, Auditing and Reporting

With GetHomeSafe you will be working with an accredited supplier to Australian and New Zealand Central Government Agencies, with more countries to come.


Integrations for One Source of Truth

Eliminating duplication of information and creating a harmonious and integrated fleet of live information is what drives enterprises like yourself forward. 

GetHomeSafe can be integrated and customised to become a key part of the sequence of software your team uses instinctively, not a stand-alone additional  thing to do. 

Working with your inhouse team and suppliers we can create the one source of truth of knowing in real time all of your employees are OK. 

Power BI, data archiving and pushing and pulling data with other systems is all in a days work for us.


Custom Plans & Enhanced Service Level Agreements 

  • Dedicated Project Manager for implementation

  • Account Manager

  • Premium support response times (including 24 hour support)

  • System uptime requirements

  • Scheduled periodic account reviews

Worried about paying full price for licenses that will be rarely used?  No worries, by negotiation we work with accounts requiring 200+ licenses for low use rates for accounts that are rarely used or include custom feature settings.