How it Works

GetHomeSafe is a lone worker safety monitoring and journey management solution.

It primarily works on monitoring time.

It is a simple theory, you set a time you will check-in as being OK, either during or at the safe completion of your task or journey.

If you do not check-in as planned, your alerting sequence is activated. 

Because these overdue alerts are sent from our server and not your phone, it means an alert is raised even if you and your phone are inoperable.

Out of coverage, flat battery or even unconscious, that alert is still sent, a true guardian angel service!

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Secondary to monitoring time, GetHomeSafe works by user activated duress, silent or panic alerts triggering the team's emergency notification sequence. 

There is also a complimentary mandown (no-movement) alert and out of coverage SOS emergency, but primarily GetHomeSafe is about monitoring time, as time covers every possible situation that could go wrong, not just a select few. 

GetHomeSafe is the fail-safe safety net that ensures everyone is checked in as home safe at the end of each shift. 


Alert triggers

At any point during a task or journey the lone worker can activate an alerting sequence by triggering a Panic or Duress alert through the app. 

PIN protect your use of GetHomeSafe and enable silent alerting to supervisors.

You can greatly enhance welfare monitoring for high risk situations with use of a Bluetooth duress button, that also doubles as a Mandown device to raise a panic alert independent of your phone. 

Similarly, to your time based welfare, if physical movement is not registered from your wearable device (not your phone), the alert sequence is activated, see below for more on this.

Coverage is needed to activate an alert via the app, you can use satellite enabled devices with GetHomeSafe, see below for more info



Alerts that get noticed

Once your task has been registered, information from your device synchronizes with our server every 2 minutes to form a secure situational awareness record in case help needs to be arranged.

The system notifies Supervisors by exception, if everything is going to plan supervisors can get on with their day.

When something needs their attention, supervisors are alerted by your choice of dashboard, email, SMS and/or phone call.

Alerts are specific to what triggered them and include a huge amount of information to make quick & informed decisions.

All alerts need to be acknowledged and a three step configurable escalation process can elevate them until acknowledged.



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Running your own successful employee welfare system

What really makes GetHomeSafe work is our clever intuitive design that make this process checking in & out as OK on the go super quick and easy.

Field staff love how quick, easy and reassuring GetHomeSafe makes everything compared to traditional in & out systems.

Similarly, the supervision experience of following up, investigating and responding to GetHomeSafe alerts is intuitive, easy and robust. 

Dashboard, Email, Text  and/or Phone call alerts all make GetHomeSafe work for busy supervisors on the go.

Choose a lone worker and journey management system that employees want to use and you are ¾ of way to success before you even begin.



no motion alert V.BTTN

Man-down & no-movement alerting

Through your mobile safety app pair with a Bluetooth connected wearable safety tracker.

Because it is worn, the device monitors physical movement of the employee, not GPS location.

Alerts are triggered by a configurable period of ”no-movement” between 1 minute and 5 minutes.

Alerts come with two warnings to move, also configurable.

The device utilizes low energy Bluetooth technology, giving ultra-long life and low cost replaceable battery.

Utilizing the functions of your phone through the app results in a very simple and very affordable device, priced from as little as $AUD 30!



Out of Coverage - Stand Alone

Out of coverage GetHomeSafe as a stand alone solution loses some functionality.

When out of coverage the app stores locations and updates them to the server when coverage is regained.

The system still sends your overdue alert, even if you are out of coverage.

Alert includes your task or journey intentions and last recorded location (including a time recorded & remaining battery).





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Out of Coverage - With a satellite GPS device

GetHomeSafe integrates with compatible satellite GPS tracking and messaging devices.

When beyond Cellphone coverage the satellite GPS device will update your location through satellite data connection.

Preset messages sent via satellite also trigger events within GetHomeSafe, same as your app does!

You can extend your timer and check-in for your scheduled welfare call via the device.

The device also enables a send for help response and SOS functionality, your own personal emergency beacon. 


Monitoring, Dispatch and Call Centres

One of the beauties of GetHomeSafe is that it is designed to scale and maintain privacy, see below for more on privacy, but you can choose to divert all supervision functions to one place for processing.

Our monitoring dashboard is linked to your supervision and lone worker dashboards. 

Everyone is on the same system and looking at the same information in real time. 

Hours of the day, days of the week, alert triggers and shift hand overs are all configurable to streamline joint supervision responsibility between supervisors and a call centre.

Call Centre operators and supervisor’s follow-up actions are recorded in the same audit timeline.

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If you have your own call centre or dispatch resource, or you are a company that provides these services GetHomeSafe – Enterprise provides a super intuitive platform to run your own enterprise level lone worker welfare monitoring solution. Learn more about it here.