Mandown & No-movement

No-movement, Mandown, Deadman Alerting

No Movement, Mandown, Deadman or Stationary alerting, whatever you call it, being alerted if one of your employees has not moved for a set period of time is a critical feature of any world class employee welfare monitoring solution.

GetHomeSafe offers no-movement alerting through a small and affordable wearable device, controlled and configured via the convenience of our mobile app.

The no-movement device doubles as an emergency pendant, with instant panic/duress alerts calling for help via the app to your configured supervisors and setting in motion your escalation tree.


alert no motion
standard tracking V4.BTTN

Key feature - No-movement

Wearable Mandown Device Key Features:

  • Monitor actual physical movement of employees, not GPS location
  • Movement sensor is small, light weight and comfortable to wear
  • Device doubles as an emergency pendant with panic button
  • Device can be used for “I am Ok” scheduled welfare check-ins
  • Ultra long life battery – low energy Bluetooth technology
  • Inbuilt warnings before  alerts sent
  • Configurable no-movement alert trigger, 1min - 5min
  • Three stage escalation alerting & response audit timeline

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Alerts & Monitoring

Alerts generated via the no-movement or panic feature are processed via Get Home Safe’s automated alerting system.

Combination of Email, Text & Phone Call with acknowledgement requirements. Configurable for afterhours settings (night shift)

Supervisor’s follow up actions tracked instantly in the task audit timeline.

Follow up requirement and escaltion alerting make GetHomeSafe a robust solution for monitoring your own alerts. 



wearable mandown panic device with accessories

The Mandown Device

The wearable safety device can be configured to suit your personal or workplace preference with multiple accessories. 

Select from a wristband, pendant/lanyard or a belt clip or simply carry it your pocket by itself!

Affordable, easy to use and even comes with a replaceable battery so you don't need to charge it each night