How the App works

Safely updating to the server just in case

Every two minutes during active tracking the app will send your GPS location, accuracy of GPS position and remaining phone battery to be safely stored on the Get Home Safe servers just in case.

This means if for whatever unforeseen reason you do not check-in as planned it is your entire GPS tracking log up until you lost coverage or your phone stopped working is safely stored and included in the system generated alerts;

This drastically reducing the area someone needs to search for you and increasing your chances of being located quickly; not to mention the amount of stress it reduces for those family and friends receiving the alerts.

If you are fortunate enough to have your phone on you and it is still working (but you can not call for help yourself), the tracking map could guide your chosen hero right to you!

Checking-in along the way

One of the beauties of Get Home Safe is you can use the app to set a Recurring Safety Timer to check-in during an activity, not just when you are home safe.  

You can check-in as being OK every minute walking home after dark or every hour when cycling, boating or Hiking; meaning an alert will be sent much sooner if something happens and you can not call for help yourself!

What happens out of coverage?

Every two minutes when the app sends an update of your tracking log to the server it waits for confirmation back that it has indeed been safely stored.  

If no confirmation is received back (because you are out of coverage) the app will store the information on the phone and at the next scheduled location update it will send both locations to the server and await confirmation again.  

This process of successful storage confirmations or caching locations within the app carries on until you regain coverage; at which point all locations from out of coverage at then updated from the app back to the server.

This makes the app perfect for safety tracking of adventures and travels that go through patchy or poor coverage.  

For true back-country adventures where you will be out of coverage all day it is best to use the app in conjunction with a satellite based emergency beacon.