How it Works

How Journey Management Works with GetHomeSafe

Our Journey Management software package is specifically designed to help you manage the critical risks associated with fatigue and travel safety.

It is a cloud based solution, combining mobile app, web portal and vehicle tracking data feed.

The review process is specifically designed to be mobile friendly, for extremely fast reviews and approvals on the go. 

Journey Management planner allows your organisation to risk assessment, information gathering, approvals, notifications and multi-layered communications, such as radio and satellite device integration with GetHomeSafe.

It works in a four step process.


Step One - Journey and Trip Planning

Workers 'Pre-plan' trips or journeys via our app or web portal prior to departure.

Details of the journey management plan, such as destination, route taken and total duration are captured.

Workers are then prompted to input the safety measures they are taking and even attached a document if needed.

The Journey Plan is uploaded to the cloud and initiates the pre-configured review process with supervisors via SMS and email. 

GHS JMP Step 12x3

Step Two - Journey Plan Review & Approval

Supervisors are sent the completed journey plan via SMS and email to review and approved.

Notes and improvement suggestions can be added, before approving the planned travel. 

Travel Approval is then sent via SMS to the field worker.

The approved journey can now be initiated via the app or connected devices

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Step Three - Track and Monitor

The Worker Then Receives the approved journey plan's and then starts their assigned approved journey 

the worker is then tracked via whichever coverage method is available to that worker based on their coverage options for that trip. 

that information is then sent to the cloud and allows the supervisor to live track their location and allow them to check in for the allocated check in points during the journey and making sure they get home safe.

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