Journey Management

Planning & approval software for travelling and high-risk tasks. 

You get all the real time GPS tracking and welfare monitoring benefits of our Lone Worker solution, with the additional ability to pre-plan travel intentions and incorporate an approval process, all in one platform.

Combines our mobile App for quickly logging journey management plans, and initiate a robust approval process.

Once approved, GPS location sharing and checking-in can be initiated.

A real time safety monitoring portal, to confirm everyone has arrived safely and report on compliance against your unique travel safety policies. This is all backed with a fail-safe alerting system, even when out of coverage, with flexible monitoring options.

JM Car Mountain Journey
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Need an easy way to manage trip plans?


 Our Journey Management System allows workers to quickly and easily pre-plan trips and request for approval before they leave, from their phones or desktops. 

Supervisors can quickly and easily review these travel plans from their phone or computer, managing risk on the go.

The benefits of using GetHomeSafe’s Journey Management Solution include:

• The ability to plan and request approval for travel and journeys before they are undertaken

• Requesting/reviewing trip plans via different channels anywhere with an internet connection

• Viewing journey details (including recommended travel information) ahead of time

• Access to a detailed log of all requested, approved and declined travel plans

• Making sure you and/or your colleagues get home safely


Logging your Journey Management Plans

Workers use our app or web portal to log their journey plan before they are undertaken, including:

  • Intended destination
  • ETA or check-in schedule 
  • Road conditions & hazard assessment
  • Job numbers or references
  • Coverage prediction
  • GPS device, digital radio or vehicle details
  • Attached documents

An additional saved task feature enables regular journey plans to be saved for a quick start at a future time/date. For out of coverage applications, satellite & digital radio devices can be combined. Enabled devices allow check-in and real time location tracking during tasks while out of coverage, all on the one system.  



JM Vehicle Tracking3
Multiple devices5




Off you go, on the road again

Once tracking is started, Journey Management Plans (JMP) are displayed in real time on Supervisors' dashboards for reference & approval.

GPS location, remaining battery, check-in notes and remaining time are updated from the app to the dashboard every two minutes, all you need to do is focus on driving.

If you drive through an area of no coverage, the app will store your GPS location and update the server when coverage is regained.

As your journey nears completion and your ETA approaches, you are reminded to check-in up to five times via a notification on your phone.  

Simply check-in as home safe or extend the timer to give yourself some more time.

Not home safe?

If a user fails to check-in at their ETA and acknowledge the safe completion of their journey, the GetHomeSafe fail safe alerting system kicks in.

The employee's supervisor (or nominated call centre) are alerted by email, SMS and/or phone call.  

Alerts include a quick link to a journey summary, including GPS tracking, remaining phone battery, coverage prediction and Journey Management Plan details.

The nominated contacts have a requirement to follow the alert up via their dashboard within 15 minutes, or it is escalated within your organisation.

Via the dashboard, those following the alert up can record their follow up response, this combines with system-generated "events" to form a real time incident response & audit log. 


countdown check in note

Really Long Journeys

For longer journeys over 2 hours, we recommend to check in as you go. 

You can specify a requirement for employees to check-in at a maximum of every two hours (or any set interval) during their trip rather than waiting until the end of their trip.  

A check-in requires a connection to GetHomeSafe either via the cell network or through a compatible satellite/radio enabled device. Learn more about these here.

Using a recurring safety timer allows for an alert to be raised much earlier, rather than waiting for the entire ETA of the journey.

It also encourages staff to take regular breaks and avoid fatigue.



Marine, Aviation & Other - Digital Log Book

Similar to Journey Management Plans (JMP) for land-based travel, GetHomeSafe is a fantastic and easy way of logging trips, departures, sailings and even flights. Being phone-based, a user is not restricted by a device hardwired to the vessel, aircraft or any choice of transport. 

Log boat cruises as easily as you can log flight plans or quad bike journeys. Our app allows users to set up favourite journeys so your skippers, pilots or drivers simply open the app, select their route from the favourites list, enter a reference like passengers on-board (POB) and hit start. Perfect for high frequency regular journeys.

JM maritime

In under five seconds they have logged a trip with POB, which is shared to management’s real time dashboard!  No more radioing in your passenger numbers!

The cloud based and real time nature of GHS allows for management to not only have situational awareness from anywhere, but also a digital record of what has happened and the ability to download and reuse said data (passenger numbers) for anything. 


For more info on the product itself check out our - FAQs Pricing or start a free trial and see the benefits for yourself.

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