Safety Monitoring is now Easy, Effective & Affordable.

Get Home Safe is a self run and automated safety system.  It is used world wide for Lone Worker Safety Monitoring, Journey Management, Remote or Isolated Work or simply to provide welcome reassurance during any activity, adventure or travel where people feel vulnerable about their Personal Safety.

Since our founding in 2012, the GetHomeSafe philosophy has been to make safety monitoring so easy, so quick and so affordable that the world will in turn become a safer place. 

Now used for everything from daily life to working alone or long distance travel, with Get Home Safe you have a found beautiful and proven safety solution.

GetHomeSafe Corporate

GetHomeSafe Corporate is our premium service, an App and web based Lone Worker Safety Monitoring system combining GPS location sharing, note taking, safety time monitoring and a fail-safe alerting system.

It is an easy, effective and affordable solution for monitoring the safety of your team or an entire work force. Start your free trial

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GetHomeSafe Personal

Simply because we want to make the world a safer place (true story). The GetHomeSafe Personal Safety App is free to download and free for unlimited personal use.

It is designed for personal safety use; an app for individuals to track their safety during bike rides, hikes, traveling or meeting someone and the likes.

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"After a few instances where lone working staff forgot to text, we were left wondering; Have they finished their shift? Did they make it back to the office? Did they get home safe?' GetHomeSafe was the solution we needed."

Local Government

GetHomeSafe provides lone worker safety monitoring to Local Government in the UK, Australia and New Zealand


Used by Oil & Gas and Mining firms in USA and Australia for Journey Management & Safety Monitoring

Health, Social and Care

From a District Health Board to small Non-For-Profit, GetHomeSafe provides solutions across the spectrum of health care providers.


Used by Water and Power network providers across, Canada, Australia and New Zealand


From monitoring Laboratory staff to researchers in the field, GetHomeSafe is the safety system of choice for several New Zealand institutions.


Used daily by Engineers, Planners and Land Surveyors from Australia, NZ and further a field.


GetHomeSafe provides services to Farms, Orchards, Vineyards, Market Gardens, Pack houses and consultants


Marine, Aviation, education, charities and many more all using GetHomeSafe