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Finally, a safety monitoring system that is powerful, affordable and easy to use. Quickly tailor a robust and engaging end-to-end welfare monitoring solution for your mobile workforce and lone workers. Get started today with a free trial account, no credit card is required and it only takes 2 minutes. 

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Get Home Safe

Powerful, Affordable & Easy To Use Safety Monitoring Solutions

At GetHomeSafe, we passionately believe that we can make the world a safer place, by proactively putting the correct information in front of the right people at the right time. Ensuring everyone gets home safely.

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An Engagement First Approach To Safety Solutions

Compliance with your moral and legal health and safety obligations as an employer is less about the system you put in place and more about people utilising it.

Health & Safety

If your team uses your H&S systems you are well on your way to a compliant solution. We focus on providing solutions that mobile and lone workers enjoy and want to use.


The desire to use GetHomeSafe comes from many little bonus features that staff love, and less about the powerful safety features on offer.  


End to end, everything about GetHomeSafe is about making the job of both workers and supervisors quicker, easier, and more rewarding than what you currently do.

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Unified Safety Platform

A fully integrated suite of real time safety products

The GetHomeSafe platform unifies automated welfare check in’s, planning, approval and combining multiple feeds of live GPS tracking information and alert activations into one central dashboard.

Organisations large and small

We bring together everything that is required to confidently know where your team is and that they are OK, in real time, regardless of whether you are monitoring two or two thousand employees.


We help companies like yours configure this powerful set of tools into a customised and beautifully simple welfare monitoring solution that exactly fits your requirements and staff will find surprisingly easy to use.

Easy To Set-Up, Learn & Master

Set up your account with a few simple steps, add your team members and nominate your alert receivers; you are ready to start in a matter of minutes.

Full support

With a full suite of eLearning modules on everything from using the app to how to self-monitor your own alerts at your fingertips, training your team is a breeze. Alternatively book yourself a free training session with an expert. Minutes to set up, seconds to master.

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