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We Understand Real-Time Enterprise Safety

Centralise your fragemented operational and safety systems, technology and tracking hardware into one platform.

Create a signle, real-time platform for your entire organisations health, safety, and welfare monitoring requirements. 

  • Ensure compliance with your data, processes, and policies stored in one place.
  • Benefit from an easy-to-use, effective and surprisingly cost-effective platform.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with government level privacy controls and platform security. 
  • Enable access to different tools for each team, business unit, and region. 
  • Integrate third-party tools and software in one bespoke platform.

Obtain a bespoke and expertly crafted enterprise safety solution with GetHomeSafe.

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Privacy & Security

Secure your real-time staff welfare information with GetHomeSafe, an approved supplier to both Australian and New Zealand government agencies.

Working with your HR, security and IT teams we can make avaliable the information needed for internal security and privacy approvals. 

Achieve your requirements with a configurable selection of enhanced privacy and access controls. Including restricting access to location information, enforceable sign in with Microsoft, complusory TFA and more. 

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License Management & Price Structure

Flexible pricing options to ensure all members of your Enterprise will have access to the features they require and aligned with utilisation.

Service level agreements, billing periods and payment terms to align with your requirements.

Automate license management with Azure Active Directory or build your own automations through our GraphicalSQL API.

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Integrations, APIs & Custom Development

Centralise all your fragmented systems, technology and hardware into one platform.

Create a single, real-time platform for your entire organisation’s health, safety, and welfare monitoring requirements.

Create choose from a selection of off the shelf integrations or build your own with our Graphical API.

Customise your account with a selection of co-branding and white-lable options or engage our team to design and built a bespoke feature or integration.

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Contact us to book an initial session to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

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Enterprise Safety FAQs

Onboarding, offboarding and maintaining accurate contact information is a breeze with our integration with Azure Active Directory.  You can quickly and accurately onboard hundreds of people with Active Directory.

Most importantly, we automate license management and access control for you. This means that you no longer run the risk of paying for licenses and allowing access for someone who left your organisation months or even years ago.

Yes you can. Your users can access your GetHomeSafe - Enterprise account using their work username and password by enforcing it.

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. This may incur additional costs.

Yes, on a case by case basis. This may incur additional costs.

To enable the benefits and flexibility of Enterprise you need to commit to a minimum term of 12 months and a minimum of 100 users.