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Get Home Safe

Transform your approach to health and safety from a top-down parent-child approach, to a team of empowered adults taking on the world in the safest possible way, with the added protection of fail-safe safety monitoring in case something unforeseen happens.

What Is GetHomeSafe’s Dynamic Risk Assessment?

It is our unique and innovative award-winning ability to configure up to 25 questions that are asked prior to enabling a real-time welfare monitoring session.

Build your risk assessment from a large selection of question types, such as dropdown selections to free text answers.

Manage risk with the ability to configure controls such as “approval required” based on a single answer or compounding risk factors of multiple answers.

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With an engagement-centric design, your team will find the GetHomeSafe app very easy to use.


Dynamically control identified risks based on the compounding factors of the answers to their risk assessment in the moment.

Added Reassurance

The added protection of fail-safe welfare monitoring during the activity.

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How The Dynamic Risk Assessment Works

You create and configure a risk assessment to be completed prior to starting a welfare monitoring session.

Build your risk assessment from a large selection of question types, from dropdown selections to free text answers.

How each question is answered adds or removes “risk points”, with the total number of points then activates the risk controls prior to work starting.

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The Winning Combination With GetHomeSafe

The risk assessment and the subsequent risk control such as an approval request is seamlessly combined with all data recorded for the real-time welfare session, right through to them registering as home safe.

In the case of an incident, the actions of incident response and subsequent investigation are also added to the one single log.

The result is one complete source of truth from pre-start risk assessment, to controls and approvals, real-time monitoring, home safe confirmation, incident response and investigation all automatically combined.

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Creating A Dynamic Risk Assessment

The dynamic risk assessment is surprisingly easy to set up, and even easier to use. 

 Step One

Create a list of questions and pre-set answers.

 Step Two

Assign points to the pre-set answers.

 Step Three

Configure the points required to trigger the risk controls.

 Step Four

Assign your dynamic risk assessment to the activity profiles and it is ready to go.

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