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Long-distance travel, driving in poor conditions and moving livestock or large materials are all jobs the transport sector is required to do which exposes workers to a variety of risk factors that threaten their safety. 

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Transport Industry Specific Needs

There are many industries across the transport sector that face similar challenges. These often require some sort of welfare monitoring system to meet health & safety obligations. 

Essential safety requirements for the transport sector include:

  • Long distance travel 
  • Fatigue management 
  • Out-of-coverage travel
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Person-to-vehicle proximity 

There are many other requirements that the transport sector may find nice to have to improve Welfare Monitoring. GPS tracking, digital note-taking, advanced mapping, an effective means of communication, and much more. 


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Key Safety Risks
For The Transport Sector


As a worker within the Transport Sector, travelling between jobs and sites is a significant part of the job. Increasing fatigue levels when driving will create risks to any individual's safety. Putting controls in place will help prevent the level of risks associated with increased fatigue. 

Long Distance Travel

Like fatigue, long-distance travel is a critical risk associated with the Transport sector. Travelling with livestock, moving large materials or driving in poor conditions are all significant factors to consider when travelling long distances, putting measures in place on when to take breaks and which routes to take are essential to getting the job done efficiently and safely. 

Person‑to‑Vehicle Proximity

For many jobs in the transport sector unloading your vehicle or handing over stock is required and may increase the risk to your safety. By having measures in place to ensure you have the ability to raise an alert within a vehicle but outside the vehicle as well will provide additional safety to those working on and off the vehicle. 

Looking For Fatigue Management Solutions?

Safety for your employees when fatigued is one of the key reasons Transport organisations trust GetHomeSafe for their employee Welfare Monitoring solution. 

Learn more about how GetHomeSafe offers Fatigue Management solutions to put measures in place to predict fatigue and prevent those fatigued from hitting the road. 

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Solution & Benefits Of Welfare Monitoring

Introducing a Welfare Monitoring solution like GetHomeSafe to an organisation in the Transport Sector will come with many benefits for both safety and also operations. Here are three of the key ones our Transport clients tell us they love! 


Journey Management Plan

The journey management plan is a step up from your onerous paper-based journey management processes. Simply pre-plan your journey with waypoints, and include your specific transport details in your GetHomeSafe welfare profile. 

Working with you our sales team can fit one of our 25+ device options if you are travelling out of coverage or link your vehicle tracking solution to centralise your travel and fatigue information on a single platform. 

Finding the right solution for your journey management is not just about safety but we will work with you to take a look at the best options to help streamline your journey management process.

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Fatigue Management

Managing fatigue is a key element of journey management, especially for long-distance travel. 

Fatigue management focuses on the factors of a job such as duration, level of fatigue prior to the job and the predicted fatigue level that the worker may sit at. 

One of the key parts of the GetHomeSafe solution for the transport sector is a layered approach to welfare monitoring and journey management. The additional journey management features of fatigue management allow for additional safety measures to keep your workers safe and encourage them to take rests or seek alternative fatigue solutions before they continue their travels.

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Approval Processes And Risk Assessments

One of our most popular features in the transport sector is our approvals and risk assessments function. The ability to customise which jobs require approvals and which require risk assessments is manageable through the GetHomeSafe web portal. 

A great example of those who use this function are people who travel long distances every day. The ability to review and approve a welfare profile with risk assessments creates an automated process to determine the level of risk involved with each journey.

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If you still have questions about how GetHomeSafe could benefit the safety of your team working the transport sector, contact one of our friendly sales team for a quick chat about your requirements. 

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